Pool Party Ideas

Posted by Leigh Goodman on

It's time to have fun in the sun! A pool party is a great way to celebrate summer. You don't have to wait for a birthday to have a splashing good time. Get the inflatable pool out, fill it up and invite the kids friends round and with just a few simple treats you can make the party so much fun.

Get some dessert pots or jelly pots then just add some sprinkles and chopped fruit plus a paper umbrella to finish the look. Place on a tray covered in brown sugar (sand!).

Then for the fruit cone treat fill a clean plastic bucket with grapes then you should be able to place the ice cream fruit filled cones in the bucket keeping them in place.

Finally the tray of flip-flop biscuits is just so easy and so cute to do. Simply use brown sugar again for the sand and make some tiny sand castles then pipe on to the finger shaped biscuits a simple v shape to make the toe posts. 

Pool party - done!

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