Best Indoor Game Ideas For Your Kids’ Party

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Best indoor game ideas for kids party

Game Ideas For Kids’ Party.

You’ve planned an amazing party for your little one. You’ve got everything ready from the decor and food down to the party bags. 

But it looks like the weather isn’t really on your side. 

You see those dark clouds rolling in. The forecast seems to have changed in a day! With everything else you had to plan and tick off your to-do list, you forgot to factor in the chance of rain! 

Entertaining little kids in the yard with the trampoline, slide and sandpit was one thing, but keeping those spirited bundles of energy constructively occupied indoors is a whole other ball game! 

We know how overwhelming that can be. That’s why we’ve put together these ideas for indoor games that can keep your little guests constructively occupied and happily squealing with delight.


1. Board Games

best ideas for indoor party games kids board games

Board games are the most intuitive option parents often come up with on a rainy day. But board games don’t have to be boring and elicit deep sighs from your little guests! Get creative, stoke curiosity, wonder and a spirit of team work and healthy competition when explaining the board games to the kids and you’re bound to get them excited. 

You can choose popular options like Monopoly or Cluedo for older kids or Snails Pace Race and Snakes and Ladders for younger kids. 

Hoot Owl Hoot is a great cooperative game for both older kids and younger kids. Everyone works together to get the owls back to the nest before the sun comes up. If you have an animal theme this game or a game like Dinosaur Race would be great games to include to suit your party theme. If you have a space theme or a Star Wars theme, a game like Eye Found It would be great to include. Get creative with your themes and the games you choose and you’re bound to create a memorable experience for the kids. If you are short on time and ideas, classic games like Uno or Uno Flip, Connect 4 or Scrabble that you already have at home can give you hours of fun and laughter when played in the right spirit with friends and family! 


2. Charades:

Charades is another popular choice for indoor party games. You can make your own version by writing down different words and phrases on paper chits and getting the kids to pick and act them out without speaking and have the other kids guess the word or phrase. Or you can use Charade boardgames to provide direction and reduce the work on yourself. There are creative options like Pictionary or Articulate that offer new and creative ways of playing the classic family game. Any game of charades often provides the starter to great conversations, team work and hours full of laughter. 


3. Hide and seek:

Ideas for kids indoor party games hide and seek

Who can forget hide and seek when thinking of quick indoor games? It doesn’t require much preparation and sends kids into fits of giggles as they find each participant. If you have a smaller space and letting kids go off hiding in different corners of your home, gives you jitters of anxiety try to define certain areas or better still, make it a game of hiding different items and finding those. 


4. Pin the tail on the donkey (or any animal):

This is a classic party game, but one that kids enjoy and can get a good laugh out of. You can choose an animal that goes with your theme or anything else that is related to your theme or that can entertain your guests! 

Get creative: You can pin the tail on a bunny, horse, unicorn, cat, dog, monkey, snowman or any cartoon character of your choice.


5. Musical chairs

This is another classic indoor game. Musical chairs involves playing music and making all of the children walk clockwise in a circle around the chairs. When the music stops, all players have to sit quickly in an empty chair. The player left standing without a chair is out of the game and another chair is removed. The last child remaining is the winner. Musical chairs is easy to set up and execute without any prior preparation.


6. Twister:

If you want to get those little bodies moving and having fun simultaneously, try Twister. Twister is a game where you lay out a large mat with different coloured circles. A spinner determines which body part a child should place on different colours. Children practice flexibility and dexterity twisting and turning to match different options and you’re sure to elicit lots of squeals of laughter and build memories with this game!


7. Balloon games:

Balloons ideas for indoor games for kids party

Balloons are a must item at every party. So why not use balloons in different activities and games to keep the kids entertained? 

Balloons can be used to play balloon volleyball, balloon tennis or balloon basket ball throwing balloons in a laundry basket. You can also plan balloon races where children hold the balloon between their knees and hop across the room or balance the balloon on a hand while racing across the room. There are so many ways to include balloons into your indoor party games and they are sure to give the kids hours of fun and frolic!


8. Craft activities

There are a variety of craft activities you can organize to keep kids constructively engaged. The craft activities can be related to your theme or something suitable to the age group you are catering to. If you have younger kids, arranging some playdough or stamp painting and cutting and pasting activities would be a good idea. If you have older kids you can give them popsicle sticks and other material to build their own 3-D structures.


9. Escape room games:

This is especially suitable if you have older kids that would require a higher level game to keep them constructively engaged. This would require some preparation or buying an escape room kit or using a printable kit that gives you directions to set up the game. Escape rooms are puzzle games where players solve puzzles by using clues and secret messages to escape the room within a time limit. Players work together to read the storyline, get through the clues and find the key to escaping the room. 


10. Treasure hunt:

Treasure hunts are among kids favorite activities.You can’t go wrong with them. They promise to keep kids engaged and on their toes! 

Create a trail of clues and lead kids to a treasure. The treasure and the clues can be anything that goes along with your theme. You can set up a pirate treasure hunt, a princess treasure hunt or a intergalactic space hunt. Write up clues that match your theme. The treasure can be a box of gold chocolate coins that kids can distribute amongst themselves, a collection of themed toys for kids to play with at the party or even the party bags you intend to give to the kids at the end of the party. In that case, it would be a great idea to conclude the party with a treasure hunt.


Planning the perfect kids party with plenty of fun games to keep the kids engaged and entertained doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With these ideas, you can be sure to put together a memorable experience for your kids even if it’s with simple games. With games, as with anything else, it’s the people you are with that counts the most.

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