10 best items to include in kids’ party bags

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10 best items to include in kids’ party bags

You’ve been scrambling around to organize the perfect party for your child. From the theme, cake, food and party decorations right down to the invitations and games, you think you’ve got it all covered. 

You give yourself a pat on the back. Afterall, arranging the perfect party is no small feat and you have done a lot of work. Calls for a special treat for yourself once it’s all done and dusted! 

You can almost smell the aroma of that cinnamon latte and a quiet morning to yourself digging into that rich chocolate cake and a good book at your favorite coffee shop.

Except, you feel a little tug at your working-on-overdrive brain. Are you missing something? Ding, ding, ding! The alarm bell rings. You completely forgot about the party bags! 

Those popular, exciting bags that fill every kid’s eyes with wonder and joy! Known by various names like loot bags, goody bags, party favors - these wondrous little things have taken the kids party world by storm - for good or for worse! 

Kids party bag filler ideas: The Little Things


Parents can be found debating about how convenient or inconvenient they are. But there is one thing there is no doubt about: It’s the joy in those little hearts as they receive their part bags at the end of a day of fun and frolic - a happy end to an exciting day and a promise that the joy doesn’t end here as they part. You can keep the party going with a fun party bag! 

Lucky for you, you’re at the right place. Putting together a party bag doesn’t have to be a hike up Mount Everest. It’s a small effort for that joy and wonder it gives to your little guests. 

We’ve gathered a collection of some of the best, easy and fun fillers for your party bags, so you can put them together in no time and finally have the perfect party for your little angel. 

Whether you are looking for cheap and easy fillers that don’t break the bank or unique ideas that will creatively engage your little guests, you’re bound to find some inspiration in this list. Let’s dig in:


1. Games:

Games are the perfect way to keep the fun going after your party. Small handheld games like water games, pinball or basketball games or even mini dominoes sets are perfect to include in party bags. They are often the favourite party bag item for 4, 5 and 6 year olds and can keep them engaged for hours screen-free! You can choose from a variety of games available at your local discount and party stores or something unique and in accordance with your theme like these space themed mini labyrinths and these Dinosaur Pinball games at The Little Things.


Kids party bag filler ideas: Dinosaur pinball game, Space labyrinth, Water games


2. Puzzles:


Puzzles are also a creative and engaging item to include in your party bags. Puzzles develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills and can engage little kids for hours in a quiet, creative activity that parents would love you for. You can easily find small wooden puzzle sets in a variety of forms and often those that can match various themes like animals, unicorns, space or dinosaurs. If you would like to get more creative with puzzles, you can find unique puzzles like wire puzzles or mix and match puzzles that allow kids to create their own fun character combinations. 


3. Story books:


Now this is a party bag filler that will steal the hearts of the parents, especially those who dread conventional party bags for being filled with rubbish. Here’s your chance to actually add a thoughtful and beneficial little takeaway for those little guests. 


You can find affordable options and packages where you can buy books in bulk. Miniature or medium sized books are also a good option and can be a good way for parents and children to bond and enjoy a story and conversation after the end of your party. 


4. Colouring books or Activity books:


Colouring books are a great way to keep children entertained and spark creativity. Colouring books are great for all ages. You can find age appropriate options in various sizes at your local pound stores or stationery stores. From simpler books for toddlers to more complex ones for middle schoolers, this is an area where you won't ever run out of options. You will be able to find different varieties like simple pencil and crayon colouring books, paint books, scratch books or water brush books - the possibilities are endless! 


Activity books are another creative option in this area. You can find mini activity books packed with games, puzzles and activities especially tailored for boys and girls and often focusing on different themes as well. Something like these Usborne mini activity books are the perfect size to fit in party bags.


5. Colouring supplies:


What is a party bag without all the useful and much needed craft supplies? Kids can’t have enough of colours, markers and paints. That’s actually something parents will thank you for including! 


Again, there are a host of options to choose from in this area. You can include individual pencils and colors, paint sets or unique products like this roll up colouring case at The Little Things. Pom pom pencils or themed pencils like those with dinosaur, animal or superhero toppers can be used to go along with your special party themes. 


Kids party bag filler ideas: Roll up colouring case, Pirate colouring kit, Unicorn colouring set


6. Stamps:


Stamps are a fun party bag filler that are sure to steal those little hearts. They offer hours of fun and wonder. Stamps come in a variety of forms. You can often find stamps that go with your party theme if it’s something like outer space or jungle animals or even individual cartoon characters. You can also choose between wooden stamps and the more common variety found at discount stores. Stamps are an easy item to find available in bulk and a fun filler to add to each party bag.


7. Stickers


Another favorite in stationery items are stickers.They’re also one of the easy items to include promising loads of fun and joy! You can find sticker sheets that go with your specific party themes or you can include unique varieties like scratch and sniff stickers or glow in the dark stickers. They are often one of the easiest items to find and include in your party bags. Just get a lot of sheets in bulk and drop them into your party bags to add lots of glee and awe for your little guests. 


8. Playdough


We all know playdough is very popular among little ones especially toddlers and 4, 5 and 6 year olds. It promises hours or creativity and aids in the development of fine motor skills. You can use the widely available conventional variety or make your own non-toxic, scented ones for added fun and wonder. You can also include playdough kits with their own rollers and cutters for a fun and fulfilling experience.


9. Sweet Kebabs or themed sweet bags:


What is a party favor without a little bit of sugar rush? Isn’t that what parties are about? Some sweet treats are a must in a party bag! This is where you can get really creative and bring on the joy! From lollipops and gum balls to variety sweet cones and chocolates, there’s a host of options to choose from! We bet you will feel like a kid in a candy store as well when selecting what to go for. 


You will be able to find collections made specifically for different themes like this Space Sweet Tin, Christmas Sweet Cones and Eid Sweet Cones and these Swizzles Superhero and Swizzles Princess Pops and Airplane Sweet Kebabs!

Kids party bag filler ideas: Swizzles Superhero Pops, Christmas Sweet Cones, Airplane Sweet Kebabs


10. Bubbles:


Who can forget bubbles? They are also an easy and often popular item to include as a party bag filler. All children love some bubble-blowing fun! They are often easy to find in bulk and something that can be quickly added to a party for a little after party excitement. Bubbles often come in themed varieties like cars, princesses, superheroes, unicorns and rainbows. They are easy to find at your local stores and online in case you want specific themes and varieties. 



So there you have it! Ten of the best ideas to include in childrens’ party bags that you can quickly assemble to put the final touches on that perfect party of your child’s dreams. 


And when you see those smiles of joy and hear those squeals of excitement and wonder, it will all be worth the effort. And of course, don’t forget to treat yourself after all the hard work! You deserve it! :)

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