Some Super tips for Summer outdoor dining

Posted by Leigh Goodman on

The BBQ weather is now finally here (well nearly!). We will be getting the BBQ out this weekend so I thought I'd share 4 great tips for some hassle free outdoor dining.

Cook your fish over sliced lemons on the grill - because fish sticks and falls apart so easily on a BBQ grill this is the best way to cook fish that I have seen. Not only does the fish soak up the citrus flavour of the lemons, but it keeps your fish in one piece and makes clean up so much easier.

Also, try using a muffin tray to organise your condiments or how about using balloons as home made ice packs. No need to clean up any watery mess after a long day of grilling.

Stop those bugs getting in your drinks - put a cup cake wrapper over your drinks to keep the bugs at bay.

Enjoy the sunny weather while it lasts!

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