Frozen Yoghurt Buttons

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Frozen-yoghurt buttons

Parties don’t have to mean lots of sugary treats. These frozen yoghurt buttons are packed full of fruit, they look fun and they’re so easy to make. 


We’ve made ours using strawberries to match our pink and white treat cups but use blueberries, pineapple or kiwis and colour your yoghurt buttons blue, yellow or green


Add two cups of yoghurt and half a punnet of strawberries to a blender.

Blend until smooth and transfer the mixture to an airtight container to put in the freezer. Stir every 30 minutes until the mixture is thick.


Transfer to a piping bag and pipe button shapes on to grease proof paper. Freeze until they’re ready to serve.


It’s as easy as that! A delicious and fun treat.  


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