DIY Personalised Party Bags

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Personalised Party Bags

It’s so much nicer to be able to give your little guests a personalised party bag.  You can choose the gifts you know that child would like and it gives your bags a personal touch.

Planning ahead to order personalised bags can be difficult though.  Often you don’t know who is coming to the party until the last minute which makes ordering personalised bags a problem.

We’re going to show you an easy way to personalise your party bags at home and they can even be done the night before!

All you need is some plain paper party bags (our classic party bags are perfect  and they’re only 25p each), some A4 paper, masking tape, a computer with Microsoft Office or desktop publishing software and a printer.


First, measure the dimensions of your bag and open a blank A4 document on your screen. Draw a rectangle the size of the bag on to the document. Print the page so you have a piece of A4 paper with a rectangle on it.  


This gives you a guide of where to place the party bag. With masking tape, lightly tape the edges of the bag to the paper, place into the printer with the bag on the printable side.


Inside the rectangle on the document on your computer you can add the name and any design you want to appear on the bag. Once you’ve finished, be sure to delete the rectangle box and then print.

Once it has printed, gently peel off the A4 paper and you should have a beautiful personalised party bag with your very own design.



Of course if you find this too daunting we sell a range of personalised bags made to order in different designs.

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